Ken & Jane Kisly from Shropshire said: "Thank you for a lovely 4 night stay. Everything perfect! Room 5 is beautiful. All staff attentive and lovely. Will return again"


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A little birdie told me...

Sue & Chris Fitzpatrick from Shipton-under-Wynchwood said: A great stay in very nice surroundings. However the most outstanding thing was the staff. Thank you all very much.


With a family the size of ours, it is no wonder Mum and Dad keep thinking up projects to keep us all out of trouble. Trefloyne is the latest and maybe the last.

Kim (Dad) remembers Trefloyne as a quarry and a farm and has fond memories as a child of collecting gravel with his father and playing in Hoylesmouth Cave although he probably shouldn’t have been in there!

So here we are 10 years after first picking up the keys wondering how we got through the trials and tribulations of planning, bats, newts, barn owls, double and triple ssi’s (site of scientific interest). But we did!

You kind of know when things are meant to be and this is definately our home and hopefully for many generations to come, and with 5 children, plus partners, plus 10 grandchildren it seems highly likely.

The terrace is the most wonderful place to sit with a glass of wine, take in the view and realise how lucky we are to have the opportunity to retain the magic of Trefloyne.
Tom with the help of a great team (and Mum) manages the day to day running of the Manor and is always happy to have a chat, but all of our team love to spend time with guests so feel free to enjoy their company.

Kim and Joan aka Mum and Dad are in and out, keeping an eye on things, and Tom!